Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Shemimah Dapilaa Celebrates Women's Day With Head Porters

The 'Women's Impact' advocate on International Women's Day, March 8, took to the streets to have a time with head porters(kayayei) at Accra Central.

The initiative was to celebrate International Women's Day with the 'kayayei'. This was to acknowledge the hard work of these underprivileged women and girls and to also to empower them to have a sense of belonging in society. Miss Shemimah encouraged them  to work hard and to secure their future by saving some money and having protected sex.

At the end of the project, she and her team gave out Sanitary pads which put smiles on their faces. Also, the 'kayayei' got to know that there was a day set aside to celebrate women  and expressed  gratitude to Miss Shemimah for  choosing to spend her day with them.

Monday, 30 January 2017

How Getting Fired, Going Broke, and Driving A Taxi Changed My Life.

By Enrique Rubio

I don’t know if you have ever been fired from a job, but just thinking about it sucks… Only by learning some important lessons from the experience itself may we make it hurt just a little less.

Almost ten years ago I was fired from the telecommunications company I was working for. Before getting fired, I already knew that I was at the end of my career there. So, I decided to create my own startup while keeping the full-time job (you know, we have things called “bills” that we need to pay!).

Well, my boss found out about my little entrepreneurial adventure and he was enraged. Without hesitation, he fired me. I was in a lot of debt at the moment.

I had just bought my first used car (which I was still paying for), I had invested some money in my startup, and I needed to help my parents with their bills too.

Going broke

There I was: no job, indebted, and with no income source (not even from my infant startup). I was broke. At the time, I had five years of experience in my electronic engineering career, but couldn’t find a job either. I didn’t know what to do… And then…

Driving a taxi

I realized that my only asset was my car. So, very hesitatingly, I gave driving my car as a taxi a try. At the beginning it was very difficult and scary (this was before Uber or Lyft, and in rural eastern Venezuela). But I did it for seven months. It helped me pay my bills, put some more money in my company and, more importantly, it taught me three lessons that I still carry with me.

The Lessons

This week I had the opportunity to be a keynote speaker in the welcoming of the new interns at my workplace. Since most of them are beginning their careers, I thought that sharing my story could empower and inspire them for what I think is coming ahead in their lives.

I shared with them three of the lessons I learned from getting fired, going broke and driving a taxi. And those lessons are to learn to overcome our fears (because they might not go away!), learn all the time from every single experience in life, and become more valuable by investing in ourselves.

Lesson 1: F…k my fears

The first lesson I learned was to never let my fears get in between myself ,my goals, and dreams.

Over the years I understood and became aware of the fact that it’s totally fine to have fears and be afraid of some stuff in life. I mean, really, if you don’t have fears about your life plans and goals, then do you really care about them? Are they really worthy? Would you cross oceans and walk on fire to achieve them?

From going broke and having to drive a taxi to survive I learned that I cannot remain paralyzed by fear. Today, the struggle between being stuck where I am for fear of my fears or moving on to pursue my dreams is real. However, believe me, in the long run, it is way more rewarding to suck it up and move on.

My devotion to my dreams and goals is stronger than my fears
Right now, at this very moment, there might be something that you really, really want to do, but you find yourself stuck because of fear. First, accept your fear and embrace it. Like in Aikido, use the power of your fears and find the way to use them for your benefit. Or, simply, suck it up. What lies beyond your fears is so awesome, so sublimely amazing that when you get there your only regret will be not having gotten there faster.

Lesson 2: Learn, no matter what

The second lesson is to always, always, always stay in learning mode, no matter the circumstances.

I didn’t want nor did I know how to be a taxi driver. You might say “oh come on dude. That’s easy stuff, just drive.” Well, no. Once, I was driving the taxi and saw this guy waving at me. I stopped and he asked “how much is it from X to Y.” I said something like “one dollar.” He responded: “you are new to this, aren’t you…? Because it’s never one dollar from X to Y. It’s usually like four or five… I’m going to give you four.”… So, even to charge my customers I had to learn.

Was driving a taxi my favorite thing? Absolutely not. Did I learn from it? Absolutely yes.

Let me give you another example.

Have you ever had a job that you disliked?
Or perhaps a boss that was mean to you and you kind of hated?
Well, since that happens in the real world, I’ve observed that most people remain frustrated about it. However, if you could only reframe the experience and think of it as a learning opportunity to make yourself better, then you are onto something real good for yourself.

I didn’t remain frustrated at driving my taxi. I tried to find the way to enjoy it. And the best way was to learn something out of it.

Next time, don’t remain frustrated by the circumstances, whatever they are. Think about what you can learn from what’s happening to you. Think about how what you learn will become a powerful opportunity for you to be better. Put the difficulties you are facing aside, and just learn, no matter what.

Lesson 3: Dude, billions of people are trying to get your job! Make yourself more valuable

The third lesson is to always be proactive, creative, and flexible about our lives and careers.

If I hadn’t been proactive, creative, and flexible about the way I thought about life back then, I wouldn’t have driven that taxi, and nor would I have had the opportunity to get the money to pay my bills and leverage my company. Without proactivity to take action, creativity to define that action, and flexibility to adapt to the changing circumstances, it will be very difficult for you to stay relevant and even survive.

You think you are safe where you work? Think about it again: there are 7.5 billion people in the world, a growing middle class that in the next five years will reach 5 billion people. If only 1% of them are trying to do what you do, well, you’d be competing with 50 million people! All I’m saying is that we can be very good at what we do, but we are not indispensable.

Our only option is to work incessantly to become more relevant by becoming more valuable. Jim Rohn, a prolific management gurus, said something that’s been in my mind for many years: “invest in yourself more than you do in your job or any other thing”. We have to make ourselves more valuable!

Take action for your goals and dream (proactivity), invent or reinvent your life and the actions you need to take in order to realize your potential (creativity), and always remain open-minded to adapt (flexibility).

Credit: Enrique Rubio(LinkedIn)

Monday, 16 January 2017

Monday Motivation- Spark Your Week

This is the life we are given. And we just have one chance to make things right. Whatever field you seek to excel in, start from where you are sure to perform - the small stage. By the time the big door opens, you would have developed the competence, confidence and skill to perform at that level. At whichever stage you find yourself, always give your best and work as if you were working for God and you will reach the top in due course.

The courageous know that the final responsibility for the success or failure of their choices rests on them. Therefore, they are mindful that things could either go right or wrong.

If there is a problem that is important to you, you'll be amazed at how creative you can become in your ability to remove it. Unfortunately, the great majority of people do little or no creative thinking at all. However, generating ideas and solutions should be normal to you if you must be successful at anything.

Whatever you think about on a continuing basis you attract into your life. Be careful what you think because you tend to activate the Law of Attraction to bring those events into your life. When you begin to look into every problem or difficulty for the opportunity that it might contain, you’ll be absolutely astonished at how many opportunities you will see that you have missed completely. Seek valuable lesson in every setback or problem.

To become a complete optimist,  you need to feed your mind on a regular basis with positive ideas, information, knowledge, and conversations with postive people. You must be sure to make an indelible impression in the few minutes you get to spend with people(of influence). Be determined to dominate the world with your ideas and to develop solutions with a global view rather than a limited mind-set.

As it is with the custom, every Monday begins a new week, and as such a new beginning of many things for most people. Go out there and become more. And remember never to settle for less. Let's do this!

Justica Anima 

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Campus Muse: Semester Chronicles

By Kobby


After spending so many months at home, school finally resumed. We came to school
with lots of issues from the vac. Justica Anima’s article addressing a letter to the guys … Nii Boi, well just being Nii Boi. I must say that the troops that had camped on campus the first day got me a bit confused. It felt like a new refugee camp had been moved and no one told me. The level hundreds weren't so bad. I was expecting some very unthinkable things but God always has a way of blowing minds. We were welcome by the usual atmosphere of hugging and merry making. People screaming names of their buddies and
others laughing hysterically like the evil witch in Sleeping Beauty (No offense). 

Nobody expected assignments to be given out too soon. I don't know what lecturers discuss at their meetings but the beginning of this semester seemed to give me a fair idea. As if it was a perfectly planned plot, assignments were being given out here and there and in seamless fashion too. The days just got drowsier with each passing with some of us regretting the moment we stepped back on campus. Whoever brought education never really force chale!


The day people escaped to Akosombo. The freshmen were also matriculated into the institution. While people had fun and whiled away their time, others sat in the heat to be officially welcomed into the school. I must say that the address that was given by our main man Doc was least expected. You should have seen the looks on some of the faces of students when they heard the ban placed on offensive dressing. Oh but Doc paaaaa? (Where's Justica to bow her head in shame after asking the guys to where shorts in her letter?). There's a new superhero in town guys and he doesn't like miniskirts and shorts. As if the media attention would distract school activities for a while, it actually propelled lecturers to just administer their ‘evil’ plans. Oh but on the real yeah, these people paaaaaaa? Anyway, they are our fathers and mothers so we no bore. 

Be like the escape didn't really serve any purpose after all because the trap was still waiting for them. I’m still in thoughts as to which issue to dwell on. Since I'm feeling petty, let’s just talk about the escape… No offence!... Rather unfortunate, I wasn’t able to escape some. The plenty issues that came up and things all. This blog is meant to entertain and inform at the same time so no time for any long political talks. Kweku Eshun and the rest of his comrades in the upper echelon of GIJ are busy with that. It’d be lovely to list the bourgeoisies on campus but that is gonna be another day.


So on this beautiful Saturday night, I sit at the dining table typing out memories of what ensued at the Prisons’ park just the day before. If ever there was a history of flops or fails, I suppose I should be inducted into the hall of fame. I agree I didn't give off my best on the court and all but isn't that what you get when you've not touched a ball for months on end? I'm not even going to try and justify myself so let me just move to the football pitch...
 Enters Abanga....

Sporting events usually do not enjoy the sort of publicity this particular
inter-levels football and basketball competition enjoyed. Thanks to a few hardworking folks like Francis--- and his Chomsky sports.

The level 400PR soccer team was the most talked about team, having won the
tournament in the past. Level 300JN team was equally bent on whisking away this semester’s trophy considering the avalanche of good players they had.

Their remarkably uniformed Black and Yellow outfit alone clearly spelt out their gross determination and staunchness.
The competition began on a good note with a few players advertising their dexterity with the ball. Yakubu Alfa a.k.a Acid of level 400PR proofed his worth on the field doing a beautiful work on the left wing for his team. He managed his role so well that he could afford to slip to assist the defenders and even make a few attempts at goals. The Level 100 team had a hard time playing as a team. Individual talents were advertised but the thing about football is teamwork and they outrightly lacked it which cost them a lot.

The subsequent matches were as boring as watching the grass grow. If not for the commentator who gave us something to laugh about with his heavily articulated, condensed, original Twi which he used in describing the minutest detail as it happened on the field.

He did it so well that fresh discussions were raised as to why a community based radio station as Radio GIJ wouldn’t consider broadcasting in a local dialect.

I, Edwin Abanga aka Dada Baaaaaannnggggz, managed to secure a slot in my team as a goal keeper for level 300PR. My coach Jackson had psyched our team so much that we were “blowing off steam”. Not just that but the beautiful ladies of 300PR were there to give their support. And by this I mean every aspect a person can give support in. Their beautiful faces and charming smiles alone was enough motivation for some of us.

Our first match was with one of the diploma classes. You should have seen how my PR boys toyed with them. We should have trashed them to hell but the referee just wouldn’t allow us. Probably he wasn't overly enthused about our dexterity and perhaps he wanted the fun to end abruptly. Any time my strikers reached the 18 yard box and wanted to attempt a goal he would whistle for a foul. Call it hype but their luck was short lived when we went for penalty shootout and knocked them out.

We had nicknamed our team the “Blue magic”, after our blue jersey and we were performing magic like the original bearers of the name. Though we were seen as the under dogs we rose with the speed of the proverbial tortoise through the ranks to face the then reigning champions 400PR.

They had lost a match against 300JN and had come to face us, that match was ticked finals before finals. To graduate to next progressive stage they had to secure a sure win.

That match was laden with so much tension, as the underrated 300 PR team had risen through the ranks to face the reigning champs. The champs were riding on tenterhooks and approached the match like wounded lions. One could literally taste the tension which was evident, as our eyes were blood shot.

I grabbed my gloves and joined my team mates to say a prayer before trooping the park for the “Battle of Kumbi-saleh." We bowed our heads and prayed silently and just before I rose to my feet, there was a gentle tap on my shoulder, then a sweet voice like the wind followed, “put up your best Abanga, you are good.” I turned and it was Justina, Ooboy! My heart melted like sheer Shea in the mere sun.

The match was very heated and we played with all our hearts, body and mind.
Maybe even soul and spirit. The 400PR team was up to task, displaying their skill and teamwork. 

You can’t expect any less when they have Gerrard, the captain of the School’s team, on their side and a number very good players as well. On our side too were the likes of Kojo Asante, Fiifi Manful, Tregar and many others. In the heart of the game, we had mounted a lot of pressure and had sustained the 400PR team, they had very good defensive composition which foiled most of our attacks. An attempt at goal by Fiifi ricocheted against the goal post and was cleared to safety by one macho man in the 400PR defense. I heard them call him Chinedu. Joojo grabbed the ball few meters away from the center line and sped with the ball towards goal, my defenders had been coaxed into complacency by the splendid performance of my midfielders and the strikers.

Joojo still had the ball breaking easily through the defense of 300 PR as two of the defender position was caught unaware. Sensing danger I positioned myself in the post well, ready to shield off all possible threats. The fans of 400PR were shouting and screaming loud, some already cheering goal. The tension had risen ten folds by then and my heart was practically racing with Bolt.

Joojo was approaching steadily, Treggar, my No.1 man-stopper was way behind Joojo, and I knew “wahala don come!” I began to regret boasting so much of how good I was in the goal post when I knew very well I wasn’t as good and hadn’t trained in a very long time. Even the words of the Lord’s Prayer had entirely vacated my brains and I just didn’t know what to do.

I felt a hand so soft touch my shoulder, it was as if I had fallen into a trance, and that same smooth sweet voice like the wind began to speak to me once more, “put up you best Abanga, you are good ..”

I looked at the far end and under the tent that Romeo provided for the SRC.
I saw my coach, Jackson and his good friend Hughes jumping up and down and waving a book in his hand, he was trying to communicate but I just couldn’t make sense out of it, behind them stood the ever beautiful ladies of 300PR. I instantly felt the pain of Jesus Christ, massa!

I surged forward, racing towards Joojo who was weighing his leg to smash a shot, he swerved his body to the left and right, in an attempt to displace my balance but he didn’t do it so well. My reflexes were acute as always. He smashed the ball, and I jumped towards to it and rammed my clenched fist into it, ricocheting the ball to safety. But the impact threw me 5yards away from the goal post, sprawled awkwardly on the bare floor.
Kobby, onipa y3 bad oO! I never knew the gentle looking Joojo could be so mean and deadly. My whole body ached from the impact and I felt completely numb and utterly confused. I wished I could cry. But for the presence of the ladies paa herrh!
I was helped to my feet and that was when I came to my senses, everyone was clapping but only I felt the pain. From the far end of the park I could see Jackson fall to his knees and raised his hands to the sky, the young man was not in a jersey but the match meant the world to him- poor coach.
We had managed to net a goal and we saw our shadows in the finals.

The game ended with us winners, and 400PR down by a lone goal. We were as tired as the wings of a bird. We were called back to play in the finals in less than 10minutes, we knew we had lost before the commencement of the match not because we had lost our competitive edge or because the other team was better composed but with no substitutes available on our side and a bunch of 12 tired men as against a side that had rested well over two hours it was obvious.

Both teams played well, but the better team won, they beat us three goals to nil. With Mutala Yakubu netting the most admirable goal of the match, disposing a free kick dexterously to the back of the net.

Spectacular Appearances. . . 

Eric Mawuena Egbeta. 
The young lad is better known for hosting the morning dew, posing critical questions and knitting constructive criticisms. It was a surprise when he grabbed a jersey and run to the field. Just like he does on radio he
exercised a lot of maturity and obeyed all the rules on the field. He had a touch of swag to the way he run about on the field. It reminded me of Super Mario and the toys that wore “sor-por-ta”. 

But Eric played well. He deserves a hand.
Clement Edward Kumsah a.k.a Pilolo
He is everywhere, I hope you know that already. And he knows everything, I hope you know that too. He is the king of expose and a comrade to Anas Aremeyaw Anas. The only GIJ student with a copy of the contractual document signed between the Ghana Government and Guerrioz Gulvao. And one more thing, he is the biological father of Confusion. He didn’t play for his team 300JN, only to find him running around on the pitch marking the jersey of 400JN. He performed wonderfully and did everything a footballer does on a field. Only thing is that he couldn’t
manage all air balls. The plight of vertically challenged people... Rather than touching the ball with his head, the young-old lad would rather kick the human being with his reason being very simple-“should you miss the ball; you don’t miss the man”

A protest was raised against him and massa! You should have seen him on display. I am told he even threatened to bring out an investigative piece about the sports commission if they tried anything silly against him or the team. Trust me, that guy doesn’t joke. I call him me kuuuuumsaaah! He knows everything.

I don’t really know his name, he is popularly known as governor, the schools official goalie. He proved his worth and was awarded best goalie of the tournament.

Fiifi Manful
Highly skillful and tactful. Played extremely well and was awarded man of the match in the finals.


Before I continue any further, let me just commend the guys at RAD Africa
for a wonder job. GIJ’s Grammys was a success. Don’t listen to what others will say, they’re probably just hating. The eminence awards ceremony was massive and I was especially happy because our wonderful girls and sisterlings decided to reenact the no bra day. That steeze was just off the charts. Ladies and gentlemen at this point, I take a break to disagree with a popular saying that “The best comes from the west” Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?! They have not been to GIJ. Maybe, just maybe! Because dear brethren, that was a night of bliss. But enough of the no bra day steeze!... 

Nkola bone!
This picture is very deceptive –in the sense that, it’s hiding the truth behind. I’m sure you’ve caught wind of what I mean right now so I’ll just get on with what I want to say. Anyway, biggups to B mane and Lillypearl,
for ‘MCing’ the event. It was just beautiful. It was….. *At this point, I have to wipe the tears in my eyes*… I’m feeling petty so I’ll just dwell on Lillypearl for a while. Whattttt??!! Herh! God really create you wate. I’m sure He used clay from Afadjato because this is not normal back elevation ooooo…. My gentlemen will … no! 

They must agree with me. More pictures on
Richmond Anim-Damoah’s Facebook wall. All in all, the awards ceremony was beautiful. Those of us who came in Ubers and things just to impress just had to walk to GBC so we could get trotros home. Things we do for love.

Anyway, biggups to this man right here. One of the ‘mainest’ people behind the awards ceremony. Henny, to greater things bruv!  You do all chale. And yh, to Shemy too, for putting up with those late nights and to all others who were sleepless. Thanks for putting this together for some of us. We’re really grateful boss.

Special thanks to Jah Abba Fada. And to this man right here. I and I know say the eminence no… And there goes the last of my patois. Our appreciation goes out to this man. Henny to greatness man. You do all and GIJ 'dawaase'. 

For those of you who know me, you know how petty I can be. And as always there’s someone to aid my pettiness. Let me just get Abanga to do what he does best. I’m going to sip on some Henny. I’ll be back. . . 

Enters Dada Baaaannnnngz. . .
Women! What else could a man suffer so much for? From infancy, we are taught naturally to be protective of our women , and as Men as we are at that tender stage, we brave up, beat our chest and stand up to protect our little sisters, mothers and childhood lovers. We wore that "admirably horrible" frown when those guys from the neighborhood came looking for our lovely sisters. We ‘manned up’ to fight on behalf of
our lovely sisters and childhood lovers when their ever promising “ripe" lips led them into trouble. Growing up, a good number of us have been beaten black and blue for the sheer sake of advertising our love for our Women. One particular episode which I don't want to remember is the silly fight that erupted back in high school during 'Interco' -the cause of those brutal fights- mbaa yiaa(this same women). 

We love them, cherish them, revere them and admire them...but... hmm... They keep confusing us. As to what they want us
to do for them? What they expect us to do to them? How to treat them? How to behave around them? And whole encyclopedia of instructions we have to read and abide by around them. Our women on campus are well, grown up. Being the Men we are, treat them as such. I admire their demeanor, and composure. Ready to match us men, boot
for boot and tooth for tooth. 

My first encounter was in 2015 when I met
Stephanie Adenyo. Whaat?! What a WOMAN. The kind of woman with the, "man" in her highlighted. The likes of Phyllis, Dora Badu and Godslove Cudjoe also come to mind. These are the signals of substance our women are sending to the world. Women of Substance,  we call them, with a smile.

My heart gave a giant (note the use of the word giant?) leap when I came across the jabbing write-up by Justica. That lady really knows how to bite and bite hard.

She said we should pay for their meals at the cafeteria, we should allow them to jump the long winding queues that snakes its way out of Reggie's Counter, (I'm glad she didn't mention Aunty Mercy's), whistle down taxis
for them, and most importantly we should wear shorts and stop dressing like
married men. Excuse me, what?! My first expression was, what in heaven's
hell happened to "The Feminist Theory?" 

My brothers and sisters, as I speak
I'm a confused young man. Not knowing exactly what our women want from us.
First they said they wanted fresh guys. We found our own magical way of appearing handsome. Haircut, "shommie","shadurs" bi what?! Then they said it wasn’t just about ‘handsomeness.’ They wanted intelligence. Then we began burning the midnight candle. Lord knows how hard we learnt to answer all those questions about theories some dead men crafted before their death. As if that wasn’t enough, these same women of ours, came up with a new theory. They claimed that intelligence was not just enough for them.

They wanted men who could take care of them –rich guys. So as loving as we are, we geared our efforts towards acquiring wealth – working hard and saving enough to attain wealth for the sake of mbaa yiaa. It didn't end there, Kobby. Another theory emerged, which postulated that the now rich guys should be respectful because our wealth was making us quite boastful.

So we became humble. It didn't end there. They said they didn’t want riches or wealth any longer. They wanted loving, caring and responsible men. Riches meant nothing to them. My goodness!

We resorted to being simple, humble folk... Sake of mbaa yiaa... Then guess what? A few guys couldn't bear the twist and turn of it all and so resort to their former simple way of life. They, rather being smart individuals, were called LIARS… Mbaa yi b3kum yen Ooo, but we no go die!

Charley Kobby, I dey beg ask Justica sey, between 6 cars and 6 packs what would she go for? She talk 6 packs aaa then ibi like she want make we shun the school then turn bouncers that ooo. If ibi 6 cars too aaa, then make she make we continue dey give wonna Jidenna steeze.

Could it be, for the want of a better word,  that she described our perfectly selected, crispy, formal CK and D&G shirts, over beautifully sewn and neatly ironed cotton trousers, as outfit for married men??? Or she was just giving a signal of how already responsible we look? Kobby ask am Ooo. Make you no forget. Well, H.E Madugu heard the cries of our lady Justica and responded as a gentleman, rather than whistle down small taxis for y'all ladies, he asked for the big SRC bus to take y'all home.

I have been meaning to meet Justica, but I didn't know where to find her. So I kept my eyes at the Kenkey seller’s joint where,  you know, most of our women align themselves to devour their favorite delicacy all semester long.

Friday, 13 January 2017



The United Nations is probably one of the most well known organisations in the world. Around the world, wherever the UN is present, it is widely regarded as a symbol of peace, cooperation and development.
For someone like myself working in the development sector, landing a job at the UN is considered a major feat and one that is likely to open doors for you throughout the rest of your career.

So the question is, how exactly does one go about getting a job at the United Nations? Having successfully gone through the process recently, I would like to offer a few key pieces of advice that I believe worked to my advantage.

1. Become an expert at something

Whatever your qualifications are, know now that for every position you apply to at the United Nations there are hundreds, if not thousands of people with the same qualifications, or even better. So what’s going to set you apart from the competition?

In my opinion, you have to be an expert at something, anything. You should also be able to demonstrate how you can use your expertise to make an impact on the job if you are hired. In my case, while the job description did not immediately ask for it, I knew that I had a flair for design and communication and so I was sure to highlight that.

In my opinion, you have to be an expert at something, anything CLICK TO TWEET
I showed this not just in my CV but in the way my CV was designed. Also, in answering the questions in the application process, I made sure to weave this fact into my answers, and it worked.

After I was hired my boss told me that was one thing that stuck in her mind. In addition, the fact that I was able to display that skill at every stage of the interview process, both on the written test and during the oral interview, was impressive.
So my advice to you is, be very good at what you do. Also, have a few unexpected tricks up your sleeve. In this day and age, don’t limit yourself to any one way of doing things.  Rather use your time wisely to cultivate skill sets outside of your field of work or study.

In this day and age, don’t limit yourself to any one way of doing things 

2. Be bold and daring

For most positions advertised at the UN, it seems that they are looking for experts with tons of experience. At first glance I think it can be very intimidating to most people, especially those in the earlier stages of their careers, who feel that they do not have the necessary profile to apply for the jobs they come across.

My advice to you is to ignore the doubt and dare to go for it anyways. The position I applied for asked for at least 5 years of experience and I had only 2. But reading the job description, I was convinced that even with my limited experience I could take on the role successfully. So I set out to show that in my application.

My advice to you is to ignore the doubt and dare to go for it anyways 

I enlisted all the help that I could get throughout the application process. I familiarised myself with the work being done by the United Nations body I was applying to. Also, I read through tons of reports, case studies, partner organisation websites.

I must have spent close to two weeks crafting the perfect application and going through it over and over until I was fully convinced that I was submitting an application that would get me the job.
After I was hired, I heard from my boss that my application immediately stood out. My boss said it was complete, compelling and presented in an attractive format. By the time they realised that I did not have the 5 years of experience that they were looking for, they were already sold on my qualifications and abilities to think outside the box. That was what put me through to the next round.

3. Cultivate an international outlook

For the most part, the work done by the UN strives to find out what works in one part of the world. Whether it is in terms of promoting socio-economic development, peace or security. Then trying to see how the lessons learned can be applied or reproduced in another part of the world.
What that means is that if you do land a job at the United Nations, you are going to be interacting with people from different cultures and backgrounds. Together, you will find common ground so that you can do meaningful work and enact real change.
Part of what I believe helped me through the application process was that I was able to display the fact that I had a very international background. Not just that, I had successfully thrived in different cultures. I had also been able to build things i.e. networks, grass-roots organisations, communities, everywhere that I had been.

Finally, be determined and proactive

In all honesty, landing a job at the UN is hard, but the truth is that it is actually very achievable. It’s one of those things that you have to be really determined and proactive about. Be on the lookout for new job postings on the various UN sites at least twice a month.

Do your research into the different United Nations bodies you think you would like to work for. Know what they are truly about. Then, appraise your background and expertise to determine how you could really make an impact there. Seek counsel from people who have worked in the UN or other international organisations. It never hurts to get a more realistic picture of what it’s really like from an insiders perspective.
Be on the lookout for new job postings on the various UN sites at least twice a month

Be patient and persistent. You may not land the first or second or even third position you apply for at the United Nations. Still, that should not deter you. Even if you do make it past the first or second round, it can take weeks or even months before you advance to the next round. In my case the whole process took about 4 months. During that time, I still had to focus my time and energy on the job that I already had.
Believe in yourself and in your abilities to succeed and to thrive anywhere. When I got the call saying I’d been offered the position, there was no hesitation and I immediately said yes, even though I knew it would take me away from everything that was familiar to me. I have not regretted one minute of it!

Do you work in the development sector. Do you have a job that has taken you to far and remote corners of the world? What have your experiences been like? Are you considering applying to the UN or similar organisations? We would love to hear from you about your experiences. Visit for information on jobs in the development sector.


I work as a Knowledge Management Specialist for the United Nations Capital Development Fund. In my spare time, I write articles for SLA as a contributing writer and I co-founded the NGO, Give Girls A Chance to provide access to quality education for girls in Nigeria. I'm passionate about contributing to the personal and professional development of black women. I love writing, reading, traveling, online shopping, watching TV shows, discussing current events and world politics.


Tuesday, 10 January 2017

A Girl's Story

This is a story about one person which reflects the story of most girls, moreso, ladies, out there. A girl wonders what her life is all about and what her life will mean in years to come. She is faced with a million and one questions each day that demand instant solutions or anwers to. A girl is sad  and happy, but mostly sad concerning issues she herself hasn't  figured out yet.

A girl goes to the market and meets a nice guy. She goes to church or mosque, party, shopping mall, beach, poolside, salon, restaurant. And almost anywhere she goes, she meets someone she is attracted to, or who finds her attractive. She battles with her heart on the one guy to settle with. And fights the more with her emotions on who to keep away from, or who to keep as a friend.

A girl's friends are her closest family. They are the ones she spends the most of her times with. Friends define who a girl is and who she would be because they help her define her path in life. Her friends tell her who to love and who to hate. They tell her where to go and what to wear to every place. A friend will show a girl what's her worth by being the first to applaud or reproach her every move. When a girl has a problem, her friends are the first to know. Her consolation comes first from her closest companions, as they are mostly present to share in her pain.

A girl survives robbery, heartbreaks, family loss, rape, examination failure, loss of job, divorce, rejection. One time, she innocently visited her male friend and was met with attempted rape. She survived. Another time, she lost her boyfriend to a more curvier and prettier young woman... her crime? Maybe just trusting and loving too much. Still she survives. Most of her plans are shattered by unplanned occurences. Yet what does she do? She just survives it all. 

A girl dreams. She is told not to dream too big or else remain lonely for the rest of her life. "Get out there and put yourself up for someone to find you attractive. Live your life in such a way that you will appear as a 'keeper' (whatever that meant)", they cry out to her. Can't a girl just be herself and be who she demands to be? Dreams are meant to be free. A girl must then be made to dream freely and daringly. A girl can be a teacher and not an engineer, says the rules. Since when did these sort of limitations define a person? Why then should it define who a girl should be?

A Girl's story lies in her diary. Most girls keep one, because they never forget any event of their lives. They never forget who loved them the most, who pushed them to the limit, or who hailed them the more. Until the day when a girl is given the platform to share her views, a girl will never stop hoping and believing. Every girl has a story to tell...

Justica Anima

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Dear Future Husband

Hi Mr,

I'm gonna have to rush through this because I have just a few minutes on my airtime at the Cyber Cafe where I am mailing you this letter from. Love, ours is gonna be a graceful marriage and union, you know why?


For the record, I am not the woman any man would encounter and be able to forget totally and soon you shall know this from experience. Years back, I was praying to God  about you and he revealed to me how you are equally going to be fun and exciting to hang around. He told me you would be tall(errm God talk am oo), dark, intelligent and handsome, and so I should not even bother my head. Dearly beloved, if what was revealed to me is anything to hold on to, I am gripping you firmly with both hands in the supernatural realm even before you appear in person. These times of waiting are going to be my best years ever because the fantasy of you lingering in my mind is all the world to me right now.

Here in my room, I am figuring out how we will meet. Shall we bump into eachother at the shopping mall or at the National Theatre where I might probably be at an Uncle Ebo Whyte play? Maybe we might meet in the trotro(public transport) as I shall be singing along the music playing from the vehicle. And you, you shall be listening to my melodious voice and be nodding in admiration to it. Then I shall turn to you with a shy smile which will usher us into our very first conversation. Perhaps, we may meet at my favorite Waakye(rice and beans) Joint at Kwabenya near the mosque where I would be shabbily dressed because I haven't yet taken my bath.

When we have finally gotten acquainted with eachother, you would always bring me ice-cream whenever you come to visit.You would take me out to Live Bands and Concerts because you would know from the trotro saga how I so much cherish music. And if you are ever lost for what gift to give to me on any occasion, remember to gift me any great book with my name and yours boldly inscribed on it, in black ink. Dear, BOOKS are like my second oxygen and your awareness about this shall save us a lot of misunderstanding which may arise due to my over indulgence in reading or writing.

Of course, we shall have a yearly ritual so be prepared for that. It may either be a travel to a far far away land, or watching the stars in our garden while making a wish, or spending time with the less privileged, or just staying in bed a whole day in eachother's arms. I know you will happily share in my weird self because you will love me to bits no matter what. Your suggestions will also, however, be needed while we agree on what this ritual should be. I do not expect much from you as regards commitment and responsibilities as I promise to always be on my feet as an industrious wife. However, that being said, I know you would meet up to the expectations of a loving husband so I am very calm in that regard.

The gentleman that you are, I believe, will surely bring out the best lady in me. I cannot wait to kiss you on the cheeks "goodnight" as we settle to some cool music playlist and red wine during bedtime. And when it is morning, we shall lie face to face in bed for about twenty minutes, savoring eachother's bad breathe and staring into our eyes knowing that we are going to wake up to ourselves for the rest of our lives till death do us part.

With love,
Future Wife.

Written by,
Justica Anima

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Dear New Version Of Me

Read this simple words of mine Like they are gods that shine Deep into the sands of time With your glowing bulb by night And let it give you hope for life Reaching into your soul with light With the courage owned by a knight All the proverbs learnt are for a phase The ridicules shall keep you in pace Only then will you look the fool in its face And your hallelujahs shall rise with praise Until then keep your feet poised for grace By your sweat and toil remain in the race For the time that you will be named great Dear me, you are so dear to my heart And I wish you weren't so much apart Please place this beneath the old mat These letters which I combine as facts To me you are the true and real new The one I seek through the rearview Because soon I'll obtain a clearer view Dear new Mia Arise and shine For thy light may die Awaken like the tyre Spark with a fire Unleash every power And strengthen all fibre
By Justica Anima

Monday, 19 December 2016

Lessons from My Top 10 Persons Of 2016

There comes a time in one's life when he or she has to show gratitude for the people and experiences that they encounter. Here are my ten people of the year and lessons that they can teach you and I as we approach a new year.

Kofi Adjei-Kyeremeh: My elder brother. He has been with me through thick and thin.  He sacrifices even the little he has for me to feel okay and for that I am very grateful.  He is always with me in my low and down moments, offering me assurance of better days ahead. He teaches me the lesson of sacrifice and kindness.

Priscilla Kwarteng: An angel on earth. This lady has a big heart which I know is often taken for granted.  I love her with every being in me,  you know why? Because she is so selfless and caring towards everyone she encounters so much that it's scary sometimes. She teaches me the lesson of loving people even when they turn their backs on us.

Jeremiah Buabeng: A change maker, destiny shaker, talent coach,  entrepreneur,  and one who is deliberate about success. I can never forget his impact on my life by giving me room to spread my wings. I continue to learn the discipline of service, commitment, dedication, and wealth creation from you. Thanks for being a part of my journey.

Rexford Kumah: My one time lecturer. Through his belief in me, I had my first feel of radio which later launched me onto the Joy FM platform. Your unflinching support and belief in me is far fetching. I have learnt to belief in myself and to belief in others because of you.

Gloria Loveland: I still remember when we used to sit in that small room of ours and talk about what the future will be like for us. I'm happy to be alive to watch you achieve exactly what you set out to do. You have proven to me beyond doubt that anyone can achieve anything they want in life in spite of the many obstacles they may face. Yours will continue to be a great leap.

Kabu Nartey: Self motivated young man who is always charged up for greatness. You are one of the few young people who has had a great impact on my life in a direct way. You inspire me to think on my feet and to go the extra mile because you having a way pushing people to go beyond their limit. You teach me the lesson of determination, excellence,  and producing results.

Nora Delali: I have watched with keen interest how you exhibit both manegerial and creativity skill sets. The go-getter that you are makes you want to motivate others to also do same. When I grow up I want to exude the confidence and zeal that you possess.  Keep growing talents.

Ferdinard Lawson: Your goodwill messages and encouragements in my most trying times cannot be overlooked. My coach and mentor in the writing sphere.  Your seven success tips is pasted in my room and still guides me in my endeavours(I bet you didnt know that). You teach me the lesson of staying focused and sticking to goals.

Mr. Boateng: You have taught me to be helpful to people, even to strangers. I have taken cue from you that our biggest blessings in life come from helping people who cannot return the favor back.  Your Pep talks will forever remain my guiding principles in life. God bless you.

Ebenezer Martey: My personal pastor and spiritual companion. When the shadows of the valley are darkened in my life, you are there with prayers and directions. Your late nights and efforts towards my spiritual life will always be my highlights about you. Thanks for the lesson of spiritual growth.

Special thanks to Anderson Apaw, Mamavi Goh, Abeiku Sankofi, Smart Takyi, Aunty Thess, Shemimah Ishak, Adu Amani, Faiza, Mark Ofusu, Christy and co., GIJ friends and colleagues. And to you reading this, who has always followed my blog, you are the real persons of my year. Thanks to you all for the lessons and experiences we have shared together so far. Let us hope for more better days, more exciting articles,  and God's abundant blessings in the new year. Keep living and learning!

Justica Anima

Sunday, 18 December 2016

The Masked Life Called Womanhood

As a young woman, many many ideas and thoughts run with me on a daily basis. My inspiration is not really in a mentor, friend, family, or man... No not really. My inspiration comes from random thoughts about life, love and nature. I've always thought of the liberating nature of today's woman and I have wondered if it's for our good or doom. Today's woman has been taught to be independent but this independence I must say, comes with a cost (an expensive one for that matter). Look good, be educated, have social class... these are some of the things that are expected from today's woman.

Personally, whenever I'm setting out to go somewhere, I expect to look my best. But it comes with a cost. A cost I'm sometimes not able to afford, because well, I'm not earning my own money. But you see, that's the problem because I see nice things I want to get all the time and who am I to demand for them? "Work your ass off and you can get there too", this doesn't seem a bad advice at all but what about getting it now especially when your support system is weak. We are in competition with no other person than ourselves you know?

Glorified messengers that we are. Busy bodies, as I may want to put it.We are always happy running around chasing things which never want to chase us back. Who sends us anyway? I guess it's the urge to turn into an envy in society that causes us to behave in a certain way. Women! We strive, we fight, and we are tagged 'warriors'. The young is taught to be independent and depend on her own abilities. She should not weaken her guards for a man who will not treat her well. What do we then teach the men? Nothing? Who are we fooling anyway? There is a sickness in the bones of humans. Always seeking answers but never finding any. The woman in me has been suppressed to think and act in a particular way. I have been caged like a bird, just like any other woman I know. "You dare not stand up to your feelings for a man, or else he takes advantage of you", they say.

Do not play football. Never visit a man. Do not have sex at random like you're the man. The man is stronger than you, do not challenge their authority. Dress to kill but make sure you don't expose too much. Forget your sex drive, let the man make the first move. Go to school, find work, get married and make babies. The higher you reach, the more you scare the men away, and that may leave you lonely. Women all around the world need to be constantly reminded of these rules. Is it necessary at all? Can't women have a voice of their own?

Really, the bird in me wants to run free. I want to be able to explore life in my own ways not being judged for how much meat I decide to chew. We should not be forced to change who we really are and want to be. The onus lies within a sister, mother, and a friend to challenge the status quo.

I will throw the question back at you. What do you want so badly that the world is stopping you from achieving? Are you okay with the life you are subjected to? What will you do in your power to change what you have been conformed to accept as the norm?

Justica Anima

"Women's Impact Is A Catalyst For Nation Building" -Shemimah Dapilaa

Views on Women Impact

Women making impact is the best thing that can happen to any country. Women making impact enhances the development of a country and I believe that is the support men need from us and not just being a house wife or seen as a sex object. Personally, I don't believe in gender equality, but I know it has encouraged, motivated and empowered women in so many ways. The empowerment of women has caused a lot more of them to do wonderful things which is gaining them some level of respect and recognition. Hillary Clinton, for instance, serves as a role model and a motivator for many women around the world. Her strength, hard work and her determination is what every woman should consider having in life. Despite the negative things being said about her, she still stays focused and that is who a strong woman should be. Michelle Obama once said, "Success isn't about how much money you make but the impact you make in the life of others". Based on that, it is my wish to start a venture in Ghana, sometime in the future, to help the less privileged in society.

Women abuse has always been one of the issues that makes my heart bleed. I have always frowned upon women abuse and it has always been my dream to fight it in my own way. This the more reason why I am planing on a foundation to support  and educate women against this act because I believe women are very vital instruments in society and should be treated with love and respect. If I had the power to avert sexual abuse by men on women, I will make an effective law that will protect women and impose a punishment on men who engage in sexual harassment and physical abuse on women. I will also make sure all men who fall victim to this will serve prison terms in order to serve as an example to the others. Through media channels, I will promote the education of the issue of sexual abuse against women in order that it becomes an issue of great concern in the country.

About Me

Shemimah Dapilaa is a 21 year old young woman who hails from Nadowli in the Upper West Region. She is from a family of eight comprising of 5 boys and 3 girls. She attended Sea School Limited JHS in Kumasi and she proceeded to Accra Girls Senior High School for her secondary education. Currently, she is a student of the Ghana Institute of Journalism. Growing up, she has always been a strong girl. She lived with her step mum at the age of five till now and sees challenges as part of growing up. Judging from her self confidence, she confessed that, "I have always been vibrant since Accra Girls Senior High School through to GIJ and have involved myself in so many activities just to acquire knowledge and to make an impact".

She contested for face of GIJ in the year 2015 where she was part of top ten finalists. She also went ahead to represent GIJ as Face of GUPS(Ghana Union of Professional Students) where she was crowned Face of GUPS in the same year. Being the Face of GUPS allowed her to do a lot of things such as embarking on a volunteering project in her village. During the project, she was able to donate toiletries and cloths to residents and talked to the young girls about the need for education. She also embarked on a Violence Free Election Tour to some Senior High Schools to preach peace with her team which included Irbard Ibrahim ( security analyst ), Konrad Kakraba of GTV, Abdul Hayi Moomen of GTV, and some student activists from UCC and Legon . This project won her an honorary award in this year's Ghana tertiary women's award as the Most Impactful Woman Led Project of the year.

Aspirations and Last Words

I see myself as an impact maker and a generational thinker because I always motivate my family and friends by partaking in volunteer works in my village and also by embarking on projects that impact the lives of people. I also write motivational messages that empower women and the girl child. Purpose is what drives me to do what I do or what I have already done. I have an invigorating energy which every person must have in order to be able to achieve their purpose in life.

My passions are in the field of media, politics, and human resource. I have never had the aspiration to be very rich, but I would like to earn enough to reach a stage where I can help others, give my family a comfortable life, and start my own business venture in Ghana. My aspiration in life is to have a loving and supportive companion and give my mother the respect and comfort that she deserves. A fulfilling life where I can look back and feel happy about the richness of it all. A life full of knowledge which I have used to make others life better.

Interview by: Justica Anima
Ghana Institute of Journalism

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Social Media Addiction, Academics, and Falling Grades.

Today's student activities goes like this: Logs in to Facebook... Stays on for 30mins... Logs in to Instagram and stay 5mins(for lack of enough airtime), then logs in to Twitter for 20mins extra. Opens notebook to read for a while. Loses interest after 2mins. Logs back in to Facebook and posts something, likes something, messages a friend, enjoys the process. Spends almost an hour on there, and tosses in to bed. Most students hardly plan their academic life but rather indulge more in social media activities to the neglect of their books.

Lecturers and teachers are even making it more difficult for students. They seem to expect too much from the student for the fact that they presume students have Internet at their disposal. Frankly, the dangers Internet poses on the welfare of students and their academics far outweigh its advantages. Instead of using it for learning, students are drawn to other less important activities on the Web. Dear student, you are not alone. Most of us face the challenge of choosing between the Internet and our books. The distraction is so massive. It's like waving a banana at a monkey and expecting it to stay calm and not be excited about the gesture. It's not that we do not want the best outcomes, it's just that social media has a subtle way of drawing us in without our permission.

Reading and disciplining yourself to do so for a longer period of time is quite a discipline that not many people can acquire. As many students are about writing exams, I believe we need some focus. Building up discipline to stay away from social media at all cost is not going to be easy. However, it is important to face our books, especially in these crucial moments of examination, rather than Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Students are now more concerned with proving to the world that they exist(without little or no proper skills), than to prove to themselves as being the best in their field of study. And when they get poor grades, they want to shift blame to either the lecturer or some friend who refused to teach them the answers to a question. The effects are so real so much that parents, teachers and  students are all worried about the fall in learning standards of students. 

People who engage more in social media without deriving any benefits from it can be termed as irrational. Irrational, because our families and societies are looking up to us as intellectuals who will be solving issues around the globe, yet we choose to waste our lives on social media. The most annoying ones are the "social media celebrities" who disturb us each day with pictures, videos, and posts which really do not teach or admonish us in any positive way. The only thing these so-called celebs serve us are immorality, profanity, silly talks, and indiscriminate lifestyle. Meanwhile, their books lay in wait for exams to approach. It's even more sad when you visit WhatsApp groups. These are platforms which can help in effective learning but are bombarded with unnecessary talks, jokes, and nonsense. You dare not silence anyone there or else you might receive the insult of your life. Well... That's why I'm here writing about it, and hoping it gets across to someone who wants to turn his or her grades around.

So what's the way forward?

Focus, don't procrastinate, be determined to read daily. Prepare a Time-table for studying rather than studying without it since it can guide you to study efficiently. Set days and time for specific subjects. It's not too late to start if you have wasted enough time already. Join study groups if you are a slow learner and insist that they help you learn difficult subjects that you do not understand. In the long run, if we are not getting appointments and deals from our engagements on these social media platforms, then what's the point anyway? Let us be mindful of the kind of future ahead of us. Besides, there's enough room for sleep after death. Turning off the phone to keep focused is another way to stay ahead. And if you must keep away from your device for weeks, please do. We need a new set of vibrant intellectuals which are currently lacking in the system. That is why we need to reason up and start working towards our future. 

Choose a siren environment to learn in. You could choose the library or set a study table in your room away from any interruptions. Mark out every area you study while using a highlighter to point out facts, figures and elements you want to remember. Read extensively for about 2 hours while taking breaks or a nap in between. Remember, the heights that great men reached were not attained by sudden flight. Ward off from social media and save your future from falling apart.

Think through it. Social media does not really put food on the table. Go get yourself fixed on a desk and learn. A failed student or a student who passed all his papers, where do you want to belong? Let's be mindful of these things and build a strong future together. Less Facebook, More facing of books. What are some of your challenges and how may I help?

Justica Anima 

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Kelewele, Sex and Pink October

"October is the perfect month for manifestation of your wants and desires, if you actively pursue your dreams and enjoy the journey with all its obstacles, rewards will be found. " - Thrive On News Free Spiritual Magazine

According to the e-book, Empower yourself with color psychology, with a personality color pink, you have a maternal instinct, with a need to protect and take care of others. You also have a need for this caring to be reciprocated as you do tend to neglect yourself in your determination to take care of the needs of others. You are very much in touch with your femininity - this includes men who are in touch with their feminine side. You are romantic and sensual and sensitive. With your optimistic and positive outlook on life, you see the good in everyone. You are methodical and organized, although you can sometimes be rather flippant when the immature girly side of pink appears. You are refined, reserved, calm and non-violent which may give the impression of shyness.

The challenge for you is to become more self-reliant and to learn to love yourself, then love and acceptance will be returned to you multiplied. Your deepest need is to be accepted and loved unconditionally. Okay enough for October and Personality pink. 
Alright, to my reason for writing this simple message to you; here are my five simple rules for life. Wake up early. Work harder than you did yesterday. Never go more than three days without exercise. Make time to read everyday. And finally, eat "kelewele" whenever you get the chance. For those of you who don't know, kelewele is simply fried ripe plantain spiced up with pepper and ginger and cut in tiny French-fries-like sizes. It's a sweet delicacy taken in between meals and best served with cold beverages, suitably Coca-Cola. Lest I forget, our pink personality enjoys relaxation and good taste in all forms. Chill, it hurts no one. Life has to be enjoyed sometimes.

October has been good. And like many people I'm attracted to the color pink.  I like to do all the activities in my five rules too, especially reading and exercising- and by exercising I mean jogging and skipping. Sex. The most dreaded word. Haha. I like to hear it and to discuss it too. But frankly, I do believe in the unique sense of emotional touch of pleasure that it has to offer. For this reason, you may find me mostly geared towards discussions about it. I hear it's a thing only for married couples. Let's just pretend that's what it is and move on.  More importantly, I want you to know that I am currently reading fifty shades of grey, an erotic romantic novel by E. L. James. I'm just loving every sense of it. The book talks about a romantic affair between two characters: Ann Steele, a young shy virgin, and Christian Grey, a rich domineering sex freak. The story got me so full of suspense and intrigue so much that within one day,  I was done with Chapter seven. You should read it too since it talks about love and sex from an all new perspective. (Errm... that's if you are above 18 years and married). For instance,  you would be provoked with the question, what will you do when you are presented with a document containing rules of engagement and an oath of secrecy before engaging in a sexual escapade? Weird, isn't it? 

Copy this: October, Pink, Sex, and everything in between this post may not resonate anything to several people. However, it may have a direct or indirect correlation with some of us and who we are. By clicking the link to read this, I think you must be the sort of yearning, curious, determined souls who will not relent in any pursuit in life. Let's keep at that fire. Anyway, I'm glad we're here... At the end of October 2016. Work life and personal life balance may not have gone so well, yet I still believe in the rewarding nature of this month. Cheers!

For those of us who think sex is a "bad" bitchy kind of behavior, maybe you should think twice. It's almost like an everyday activity, if not for you, for most people across the universe. That being said, I will encourage that you do well to be in tune with your body, emotions, and sexuality whether or not you are sexually active. Do not be caught unaware. How old are you anyway? P.S. Parental guidance is advised. Be reminded that I'm no sex advocate. I'm just an open minded young woman who enjoys expressing my view extensively on relevant issues in life, of which sex isn't an exception. Sex with or without condoms,  gentle or rough, in the open or indoors, excessive or calculated, is of importance to your being and to your partner as well. You cannot be ignorant about it neither can you fake anything. Besides, what's wrong with being confident about who you really are and what you enjoy best? A part of growing up is being in control of who you are and who you are going to be in all aspects of life, including sex. 

Embrace your uniqueness and accept your ugliness before anyone else can. If your personality is pink, then maybe we share equal life patterns . Whichever, October is the new pink. By the way, December is my birth month. Smiles. Dear November, please be good. More life, goodness, pinkness, sexiness, and a lot of kelewele to our plates. We wish for you to be giving of an unlimited abundance from expected and unexpected sources. And if you must bring us anything else, give us love, love, and more love. 

I like how a friend puts the whole sex talk into perspective, "Being a virgin in the 21st century is not easy. Sometimes I feel like trying sex just once. I know I am a sex addict in the making and my husband will be blessed to have me for a wife". Let me know your thoughts about this month and what sex and sex talks generally mean to you.

Justica Anima

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

There Is More To Sex Than Just Orgasm

I've heard people argue that the one thing that drew Adam and Eve from the garden of Eden isn't actually apple but sex. While people say that sexual activity is for pleasure, others also posit that it involves healing, communication, and spiritual bonding. Different  views have been raised about what age and time is fit for sexual engagements but this article will not try to delve into any of such limitations. We shall just try to understand why sex is way more important than just having a pleasurable moment. Today's world has made the act more liberal so much that just anyone gets up and engages in sex without understanding why they are doing it. Understanding is very vital in any area of life. 

He is too big. She is too tight. He ejaculates pretty quick. She is too dry. It was one of the most boring encounters ever. It was a painful experience. There was no real involvement from her. He was only in it to satisfy himself. These are some of the conversations we hear daily from people's sexual escapades, and I must say it can be pathetic to hear some of these remarks. Recently,  I was at Joy FM, an Accra based English speaking radio station, on the show called "Late Night Express", discussing about 'Sex in books' and sex in general. The following pointers came out of our about 2 hours engagement. Let's talk about sex... 

Give it your all

Better safer than never. If you must indulge, give it your best shot. Ladies like to be massaged, kissed, caressed, and turned on. Guys, No need rushing. It's not a car race. Guys also like to be touched and played with so ladies take note. Choose the right environment, time or place to set the mood for love making. Entice each other with sex texting throughout the day and hold no boundaries when it comes to foreplay. Oral sex is a sure thing. Both parties should take turns exploring one another's temples. Ladies, guys love ladies who are not boring at it. In the 'red room' of pleasure, there are no limitations.

Let your bodies be in rhythm

You will need to trust in the magic of your bodies. Listen  to it as the rhythm between the two of you flow. Do not hold back the flow. Moan. Groan. Scream if you must. Let the neighbors know that, yes, you are enjoying what you are doing. Allow for free and momentary touches of the most awesome spots, the nipples, navel, neck, everywhere. Enjoy each step as your partner takes you on a smooth ride. Enjoy each other's company and do not rush things. Take things slow, then build up pace gradually. When the best shot comes, dance to the music it plays. Entice one another, or tease if you can. Explode with passion and focus on making your partner (especially the lady) happy. Excite each other through creative ways such as ice cream spread, chocolate exchange, candle lights, romantic rose-oil massages, you name it. Spice things up with a sweet tune from your favorite Playlist accompanied by some white or red wine. You've got to love this. 


Talk about your needs, your hurts, your joy. Communicate your expectations and experiences with your partner. While in the act, tell each other enticing words. Speak into their ears. Say something silly or funny to your lover's hearing. Allow the words to do their part of stimulation too. Communication makes the both of you comfortable and you enjoy each other's company better. Silence will mean not knowing what your partner is going through so talk to them and know if you're on the right path. Listen to your master and follow their rules. By whatever means, talk before, during and after the act.

These keys should guide you. Sex should not be boring. It's meant for pleasure, satisfaction and fulfillment. Behold your partner with great love and respect while engaging in an uninterrupted smooth journey to the world of passion. Sex,  if done right, can be healthy and create a positive impact on one's physical, emotional and psychological well being. Will love to hear your suggestions and feedback on what an effective sex means to you. 

Justica Anima 

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

My Three Best Writing Techniques

You write so well...
I love reading your blog posts because you keep it simple and engaging. I follow most of your writings because I think they are amazing.
How do you write such interesting stories?
What inspires you to write such stories?
You are one of the few  writers that I read from and never get bored. Your writings are just so brief and straight to the point.

These are just a few comments I come across from time to time as a writer. To most of my readers, I serve them such interesting pieces that they can't seem to get enough of. I have most people wanting to read from me often and have subscribed to my blog in order not to miss a story by me. You see, as a writer, you need more of these enthusiasts to keep you writing. However, there may be criticisms that need to be taken in good faith as they are also forms of feedback that tell you the reader's concerns. In a brief spur of the moment, I would love to share with you a few steps to take in order to create amazing content to get your reader's attention and engagement. Remember, you are not writing for yourself but for the masses who can later on become your fans. Without people getting interested in what you are writing about, you may just save your energy for something else. So how do we achieve becoming so good at writing creative pieces?

Formulating the idea

The first step to writing a great piece is to generate a nice content for your write up. You do not want to write something which will not grasp the reader's attention. It is therefore important to create content which appeals to the reader's interest. Look for story ideas that most people will be drawn to because it touches on what's happening in general. I for instance choose story ideas from people's conversation in the bus or anywhere around me, television discussions, events and places which are trendy, incidences which occur, or from stories which are making the news. Depending on what information is available or unavailable out there, try as much to capitalize on it to create good content for readers. By focusing on getting majority to read your posts, you should shy aware from regular story ideas that most people already talk about. For example, I may choose to right about why homosexuality is good by adding a different dimension and twist to the subject matter. This will definitely draw people's attention since it has a headline and a storyline that most people will want to find more about. People are also easily drawn to relationship, money, success and healthy living, and therefore creating ideas from those areas are also relevant. So you see, writing is all about grasping all the attention and focus on your stories.

Writing catchy stories

The first step draws us to this next step on how to write effectively. Never underestimate the power of creativity. People are easily drawn to new styles and ways of doing things and writing is not exceptional. By formulating great content, you need to focus on building up a great story that will keep readers reading till the very end of your write up. It is not enough to draft your story by knowing what you want to write about. Writing the whole material in a particular style is very important. Depending on the people you want to write to, using simple language and engaging style is always important. The story should not be "raw". Adding value, taste and flavor is a vital key to successfully knocking your reader's head off. By this I mean you must be able to make the reader asking and coming for more. It does not matter which style you intend to use, but make sure your readers love you at the end of your story. Let them experience the 'wow' moment at some point. Give them something to remember in the story. This is necessary because there may be a lot of words in one material yet one exciting paragraph, sentence or phrase alone should give the reader the stimulation they need. Try using jokes, expressions, scenarios and a few jargons where necessary, to highlight a particular point you are trying to make. This will give you the content that readers will love to read over and over again.

Keeping a journal

All practice is good because it perfects every skill. Keeping a journal helps you keep on your toes. For most writers, it may be a small notebook or notepad where they pour out random ideas that come to them during the day. Some of these ideas are later on turned into great stories that keep everyone wondering how it was done. Keeping a journal is like keeping a diary. You get the chance to keep your thoughts in writing. This will in a way help you sharpen your skills on a regular basis. Most beginners may find this technique useful because it can be a way of sharing your message with people while allowing them to assess your writing. When I give out my journal to people to read, the feedback I get helps me reform my writing. There is the opportunity for spell checks, punctuation and language corrections, and also writing style formulation. Nobody just gets up and write. For you to be good at it, you need to be prepared for it. Why not get a writing pad today and keep all your poems, short stories, essays and articles in it. Someday,  you should be proud to share something from your journal with the world.

I'm glad to have shared this with you. I hope proves useful and applicable. Please don't forget to hit me up with comments and email messages in regard to this post. I would love to hear some of your best writing techniques too. All the best in your writing life.

Justica Anima

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Hot Issues: Guys Don't Like To Date Poor Women

"I don't like to date a poor lady", Smart blurted out in our chatty conversation. "Poor ladies don't bring anything to the table" he continued. He confessed that dating poor women who only demand for money is what is making most men financially bankrupt. Why date a poor woman whom you cannot mutually benefit from financially? The rich chicks tend to be more loveable than the poor ones, seemed to be our main point of the argument  which was joined in by two other men.

According to the other parties, they will date a rich lady because they are more giving and receptive of love. The most annoying part of dating poor women is that they ask for basically every need of theirs to the extent that they can demand for transportation fare as low as 2 cedis which they could manage to pay by themselves. This created an out roar of laughter among us. High level of dependency. Another issue of concern for these guys. Also, a different category of 'broke' ladies, according them, are those who buy boxer shorts and vest as birthday presents for their partners instead of taking them out for dinner or throwing them a surprise birthday party. 

I find this revelation a bit worrisome because in my earlier meeting with some female friends of mine, the I-dont-date-poor-women discussion came up and my friends were furious about it. Vera established that the recent thing in town is that when a guy sees you and starts questioning your career and which home you come from, it should raise an alarm because such ones are mostly gold diggers and not real lovers. It was not surprising,however,  that the young men I was conversing with attested to some of these pointers raised by my girl friends as their major focus of concern when choosing a woman. "What flawed criteria for choosing a partner?",  I thought to myself. So the question is, what makes a young woman appear poor in the eyes of a man?

The general idea of guys towards women are blunt if not brilliant these days than ever. Per my understanding, a woman must also be giving and not always at the receiving end. She must be smart and intelligent, capable of making sound decisions and bringing reasonable ideas to the table. She must be beautiful and from a good home where she is taught virtues of honor and sacrifice. A woman who cannot sacrifice for her man is very poor and needs not be shown love. They joked about the fact that some women turn their back in request of transportation fare while in the bus with  their boyfriends. They questioned that what stops such a person from paying for the fare for herself and her man? On the other hand, I find that point debatable because from my study of manners, it is not polite for a lady to pay for something when with a gentleman (unless there is the dire need to do so). That alone, I learnt, could pierce his ego. Therefore hearing this tickled me a bit.

For some guys, if you are a woman, don't ask or request for anything from them. Rather, let them shower you love and support at their own pace and will. Demanding women appear poor and vulnerable in their sight. This sounded quite suppressive to me. But who am I, mere mortal, to sound the noise about my frustrations? Ladies, what the men are saying is simple. Work hard and earn your own money and they would love you to bits. For them, it is a give and take affair. But then again I ask, what if this power of self actualization keeps the woman from being submissive as should be? Oga, that one na who cause am? (Sir, who caused it?)

Let the battle continue. The war against money, power, and love. Share with me your thoughts on this one.

Justica Anima 

Friday, 7 October 2016

These Few Things I Discovered About Myself Will Interest You

"The biggest most beautiful blessing in my life are the people in it" - Justica Anima

I am saying this with pride that my friends and family are lucky to have me because I radiate positive energy. The most important thing to me is that I put my all into everything. That way I get the most out of life and learn from each experience. I am a powerful woman, who knows her worth and works hard to make the world a better place for others. 

When I fall, I fall hard. The one who gets my heart will be the luckiest person alive because I always strive to make loved ones feel like the most special people in the world. Just like the rest of us, I want to live a happy and fulfilled life. I try to listen to my heart because it knows me and my desires better than anyone.My heart wants loyalty, I want to be surrounded by people I can trust blindly and who understand me without words. 

I'm a doer and an adventurer who wants to travel the whole world. I have a zest for life and I sometimes fear that my ambitions might be too big. In spite of that, I never give up on my dreams and that makes me a strong personality.
My nightmare is Loving someone who doesn't deserve it because my love is deep and pure. I love with my whole heart and give everything I have. This makes me a bit vulnerable to getting hurt and that's what I'm afraid of. However, I would never hesitate to give less than 100% of my love.

Friends tell me they appreciate me for my honesty and they try to help me in difficult situations. That's why I mostly share my greatest fear with them and show them what's really going on with me. Sometimes I'm in tune with nature, other times I'm just me. 

I know the devil is in the details so I strive to make decisions based on facts which, I think, makes me rational and logical. I am typically Thankful and Incredible and easily make new friends. I'm also great at focusing on a task and working with others to make sure it gets done well and on time. I appear knowledgeable and I think that's one of the reasons friends turn to me for guidance and advice.

I try to live a beautiful life and have made so many amazing experiences. Loved ones say I inspire them on a daily basis and that I seem to master every challenge life throws at me with ease. Well, it's not easy but I try. Each day for me is an opportunity that I cannot afford to pass me by. 

I believe my future self will find true love and achieve success in my career. I will use my Self-motivation and Assertiveness to strike a balance between my personal and work life. This means I will be able to properly enjoy the fruits of my labor, and spend quality time making beautiful memories. I'm glad you read, which means I will be with you in my future. See you there! 

Justica Anima